360 degree pitch deck

On the 9th March 2017 several of Io2 HUBs incubated startups pitched their projects to an audience of VCs, business angels, corporations and IoT experts. Here you can watch all the IoT startup pitches in total 360° video. Below each video, you will find a link to their pitch deck to read in another window along side the pitch. If you have any interest in contacting the startups with further questions, investment proposals or partnership opportunities please contact us at info@io2hub.com .

Please note the 360° effect is not compatible with Safari. Please view with Chrome, Firefox, IE, or you can view all of our the pitches on the Io2 HUB Youtube channel with your Youtube app.


Main Value: Safety without a compromise.
REVEALO tracks what you value. Not only your belongings, but also your loved ones. This innovation prevents elderly people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s from getting lost, or protects your child’s life etc. The best thing at all: you won’t lose anything, not even your privacy. It’s the first tracking solution guaranteeing complete privacy.


Revealo is based in the USA and was founded by Piotr Oleszkiewicz.


 View Revealo’s pitch deck HERE



Main Value: Improved productivity and huge potential savings in management costs.
KLIN.TECH solves the No.1 problem of the work-force in the intensive cleaning industry. A Smart Watch-based deep learning solution allows large companies to monitor their workforce. It can thereby identify and avoid quality problems before customers become aware of them themselves.


Klin.TECH is based in Austria and was founded by Isabelle Richard and Luada Toro.

 View Klin.TECHs pitch deck HERE



Main Value: Savings in salaries and rents, and higher revenues based on an in-depth consumer understanding.

AIVYS reinvents the shopping experience in super markets for the end consumer while opening a big data potential for retailers. Cashiers won’t be needed anymore. As soon as the consumer puts a product into the shopping cart the product will be registered automatically. In-store communication via smartphone will improve customer convenience and increase revenue by cross-selling and up-selling.

Aivys is based in Austria and was founded by Jürgen Schmidt.


 View Aivys’ pitch deck HERE


Logger Daisy RipeSENSE

Main Value: Significantly higher margins and higher consumer satisfaction.

Logger Daisy RipeSENSE is a revolution in cold chain logistics. By monitoring fruit and vegetable respiration rates, predictive data will completely change the way logistic chains can be managed. Food will arrive at shops at the perfect time, improving product quality and increasing shelf life. As a result less food will be wasted.


Logger Daisy RipeSENSE is based in Romania and its founder is Evgenios Skitsanos.

 View Logger Daisy : Ripe SENSEs pitch deck HERE


Clap Outlet : TIMOO

Main Value: Increased turnover and/or an additional revenue stream.
TIMOO is an easy-to-use technology to manage public power outlets. For our “on the go” society, recharging mobile devices is an everyday challenge. Businesses such as coffee shops and fast food restaurants can offer free charging services to increase consumer frequency, loyalty and the duration of shop visits, which results in increased sales. With this innovative solution such a service can be provided much easier and may also be monetized.


TIMOO is based in the Philippines and its founder is Mark Colentava.