‘Now is the best time to be an entrepreneur in Europe’

Io2HUB Europe

“Now is the best time in history to be an entrepreneur in Europe.” That is one of the banner conclusions from a new report, The State of European Tech,published today by VC firm Atomico and Slush, the organisation behind of the Finnish tech conference of the same name. The expansive report, which surveyed founders, investors […]

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Austria: Startup Capital of Europe

Vienna startups

Austria: startup capital of Europe ? To many, Austria can seem like a country of the past, one whose very charm lies in the fact that its best days are behind it. The Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed almost 100 years ago, and, with it, the aspirations this landlocked, Central European nation of 8.5 million had to […]

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Why smart cities need to become much smarter to deliver the full benefit

smart city solutions

Deployments of smart cities need to become much smarter if they are to deliver on the promise of a connected society and provide true value to authorities, businesses and citizens. That’s the verdict from oneM2M, a global standards initiative for M2M connections and the Internet of Things (IoT), following a new whitepaper titled ‘Smart Cities Done […]

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Wearable Applications: Revolutionizing the Public Sector

wearable tech public sector

In 2014, a study by Juniper Research concluded that there will be an increase in the sales of wearables until 2017. Three years ago, an average of about 27 million units were sold, and in 2015, it jumped to 78.1 million. This year, sales figures are predicted to be at around 127 million, which seems […]

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The Challenges of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

Bring your own device

Everything was so easy a decade back. Employees used company issued computers, spoke on company cell phones, and played by all the rules of CIOs and IT departments. They usually weren’t allowed to use their own laptops or mobile devices, which allowed the IT departments to keep everything locked down. The more generous companies gave […]

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Are We Creating An Insecure Internet of Things (IoT)? Security Challenges and Concerns

privacy iot

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been an industry buzzword for years, but sluggish development and limited commercialization have led some industry watchers to start calling it the “Internet of NoThings”. Double puns aside, IoT development is in trouble. Aside from spawning geeky jokes unfit for most social occasions, the hype did not help; and, […]

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Smart Roads

smart highways

Worldwide governments spend a huge amount of money on transport infrastructure. In the U.S., the infrastructure budget stands at 2.4 percent of GDP while Europe invests still more – 5 percent of GDP. Other countries spend even more in infrastructure costs every year: China will invest around nine percent of GDP on roads, power lines […]

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Jobs in the Internet of Things are rising significantly

jobs in internet of things

Conventional wisdom held that the job market for machine learning and AI-related positions was hot. But according to statistics released by job search engine Indeed, “sizzling” might be a better adjective. Trend data provided by Indeed since 2014 shows job postings for artificial intelligence and machine learning positions (identified by those keywords) rising steadily from […]

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